Kent Gold Plus Gravity Based UF Water Purifier

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The access to pure drinking water is a major issue which is faced by a large section of India’s population. To meet up with the ever-rising needs of people, Kent has created the Gold Plus Gravity Based UF Water Purifier. Ideal for table top mounting, it has a compact weight. Therefore, the installation process of the water purifier isn’t a very big challenge. It has a dimension of 380x360x540 mm. These Kent water purifiers purify water more quickly as compared to most other models available in the market. It has a high base stand and helps the user to position their containers easily for drawing water.

Distinctive features of Kent Gold Plus Gravity Based UF Water Purifier

  • Optimum protection against overflow – The tank-in-tank configuration ensures that no overflow happens once the water gets poured into the raw water tank, even in case the purified water tank is full.
  • Usage of the latest technology – It operates using the latest UF (Ultra Filtration) technology. Therefore, it is highly efficient in removing harmful micro-organisms such as cysts, bacteria, sand, dust, chlorine etc.
  • Water storage capacity – The water purifier has a water storage capacity of 20 liters. The storage tank makes sure that there is a continuous supply of purified water even during absence of electricity or running tap water.


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