Homes Decor 10W B-22 LED Bulb (V-LIGHT) (Pack of 10)

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LED bulbs have emerged as one of the best alternatives to conventional light bulbs in recent years. Homes Decor 10W B-22 LED Bulb (V-LIGHT) aims to help users achieve the objective of an eco-friendly and sustainable environment in the near future. It has a voltage of 210-265 V and a B-22 base. These Homes decor led bulbs are highly energy efficient and get lighted up instantly without flickering or making any noise. They have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and will, therefore, stand the test of time for years to come. It has a warranty of 6 months and has a frequency of 50 Hz. The bulb has a power of 10 W and complies with the existing quality standards in the industry. Produced from virgin plastic material, it can be installed anywhere and cope up with changes in temperature and weather. These led bulbs can also be used in lamps for decoration.

Distinctive features of Homes Decor 10W B-22 LED Bulb (V-LIGHT)

  • The bulb comes with a voltage of 210-265V and a B-22 base. It is highly energy efficient and can lights up instantly as compared to normal light bulbs which often tend to flicker.
  • It has a 6-month warranty from manufacturer, frequency of 50 Hz and a power of 10W.
  • Created from the best quality of virgin plastic material, the bulb can be installed either indoor or outdoor and can withstand changes in weather and temperature.
  • Quality tested by industry-based experts, the bulb is compliant with all industry based specifications and has a long lifespan.


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